Feb 20, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 726: Police Action #1, February 1975


I'm not a huge fan of crime comics. There's particular subject matters that I have a hard time trying to be entertained by. It's for this reason that I've never watched The Godfather, or any of the numerous and critically-acclaimed war films that have been made over the years. I can't wrap my head around being entertained by crime or war. I can do it through the more stylized lenses of science fiction, fantasy, or horror, but when it comes to more realistic portrayals, I just don't get the allure.

Crime is brutal and violent, as is war. And though I know it's a, sadly, fundamental part of our current societal make-up, it's certainly not something I want to dwell on any more than I already do (which is quite a lot, unfortunately). So how do I reconcile entertainment/recreation time spent considering, even fictionally, the brutality of human beings?

Generally, I don't. Today's comic was interesting, and I'm sure I'll get to more crime comics as the project continues. I'm a fan of Mike Ploog's art, so the second story featuring Luke Malone was a nice treat. I kind of love that there's this four-colour noir thing going on in this book. I even found the mysteries in the stories intriguing, which is always a nice change. Many comics I've read over the last little while have turned out to be too predictable. Perhaps that's a generic thing? The simpler, more stylized realities of superheroes and fantasy warriors is far more predictable than the grimmer reality of the private detective. Though likely the truth is that they're predictable in their own ways, but those ways are distinct from one another. Food for thought.

To be continued.

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