Feb 17, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 723: Domino Chance: Roach Extraordinaire #1, 1987


When you make a list of all of the animals that could be anthropomorphized and made into science fiction action heroes, do cockroaches even come close to making the cut? For Kevin Lenagh, they do. Domino Chance, as far as I can tell, picks up from an already ongoing story, despite being the first issue of a three issue series (only one of which was published, I think).

(Ah, the woes of indie publishing.)

There's a lot of reference to Dune, a good deal of Star Wars influence, and a strange religion founded by an ad-man named Chuck. That aside, even taking into account an awkward prologue/exposition, it's hard to say what was going on in this comic, who knew who, and where the series was heading. What I will say is that Lenagh meshes superhero-style humans and funny animal-style bugs and aliens seamlessly, which is no small feat. Though the mixture may not look natural to us, Mr. Lenagh makes it feel natural, which helps immeasurably with both making the setting believably alien and also making it familiar enough (in the interactions of characters) that we're not completely alienated from it.

If that made any sense at all!

To be continued.

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