Jan 31, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 706: Dragon Quest #1, December 1986


A very interesting first issue. We're dropped into the middle of a story about a wizard and his companions braving a demonic dragon's den to rescue a princess - all very standard fantasy stuff. Except that about 4 pages in, the princess is brutally killed by the dragon, and then the wizard's two companions are similarly slaughtered (it is Tim Vigil, after all, so you can imagine the gore), and the issue, after a lengthy battle, ends with the wizard transported to modern times.

I was surprised, I'll say that. I really thought we were in for a mediocre 80s fantasy comic, an excuse for heaving bosoms (of which there is one, briefly) and random violence (there's violence, but it ain't random), and instead I'm thoroughly intrigued by a character that has not only witnessed those closest to him slaughtered mercilessly, but is then transported to the future.

Sadly, as with so many of the comics I'm reading these days, there were only two issues of this series produced, so I'm assuming that the series didn't complete. The other interesting thing I'm noticing about the box of comics I picked up the other day is that an uncommon percentage of them are from 1986. That must have been either a good year for indie B&W publishing, or was the primary year that whoever this collection once belonged to was collecting.


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