Nov 25, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 639: Deathblow #4, April 1994

Okay, so it's jut the last issue that doesn't have a Cybernary cover, though the indicia does indicate Cybernary as still being a distinct entity from the Deathblow comic. One imagines that the lack of cover may have had something to do with Nick Manabat's hospitalization.

Deathblow is beginning to venture into more superheroic territory, which is both good and bad. In a shared universe, it's important to remember that the significant changes to reality (i.e., superpowers) are going to influence every facet of that reality, including Black Ops missions in Iraq. I'm not sure where Deathblow's story goes, and who the "Black Angel" is, but I'm sure it'll be bloody and violent.

A letter in the back of one of the previous issues asks when Cybernary is set, offering the assumption that it's some time in the future. This is another facet of that shared universe influence, as the story takes place in contemporary times. The Image universe embraces these influences in a way that similar situations in the Marvel or DC universes are not embraced, which Warren Ellis calls out with great facility in the pages of Planetary. The technology evinced on the island nation of Gamora is light years ahead of what technology actually was in 1995 (remember, that is basically a pre-Internet world), the result of alien incursions onto the planet.

Not sure where I was going with that. I'm having one of those weeks where I simply don't have enough spoons to do everything. I'll keep reading everyday, but my apologies if the posts are short, or a bit choppy.


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