Nov 24, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 638: Deathblow #3, February 1994


 Okay, okay, I have no idea why anyone takes anything I say as the truth. I think what the case actually was was that the last issue of Deathblow is the only one without a Cybernary flip cover, and I got confused. That  happens more and more often these days. The official release data, coupled with the orientation of the stories, means that this comic is actually called Deathblow, even though it included just as much Cybernary. What happens is when there's no Cybernary cover on the fourth issue, my OCD takes over and tells me that I can't possible simple alphabetize the last issue under an assumed, rather than actual, cover.

Honestly, this is what the inside of my head is like all the time. But I'm trying to combat these things, so perhaps I'll be able to re-file these as Cybernary, not Deathblow. Perhaps.

Anyway, the stories continue in much the same fashion. We get some early Tim Sale work on the Deathblow side of things, which is cool. He's definitely got that Frank Miller-style thing going on, but Sale's work surpasses Miller a few years later. His work with Jeph Loeb on their meditations on the early days of superheroes are pretty much across the board wonderful, and his style, which is grim'n'gritty here becomes simple and whimsical, without sacrificing any of the drama he's capable of.

Manabat and Gerber begin to reveal a bit about Cybernary, who she is, where she comes from, and we start to get the idea that she's more than just a faulty "nympho-droid." Each issue of this series makes me more and more sad that Manabat never got a chance to really show the world what he was capable of. His art is so metal. Over at Comic Vine, a relative of Manabat's started posting some of his sketch work, so we have a bit more of this amazing artist's work. But still, too little.


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