Nov 21, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 635: Backlash #12, October 1995

Oooo....curiouser and curiouser...Backlash has a daughter? Taboo's a former prostitute? We'll have to accept that these are mysteries we may never get answers to. At least, I probably won't - though I've enjoyed Backlash, I can't see myself picking up the rest of the series, unless it's conveniently located in a quarter bin. We'll see.

Relatively predictable superhero fisticuffs today - Marc and Amanda take on some dudes protecting the person who can clear both of their names, only to be attacked by a third party, which necessitates the former enemies teaming up - until Backlash collapses after having coughed up a great deal of blood. Could be all those cigarettes, I suppose.

Speaking of, my absolute favourite part of this comic is Backlash's first appearance in it, in which he lights up a smoke through his mask. Those of you who aren't smokers won't get it, but cigarette smoke, especially at points of direct contact, leaves quite a powerful odour - so not only does Marc attempt to smoke through his mask, but he'll be stuck with old cigarette smell on that face covering for days (seriously, how often do you think he washes that supersuit?).

On to something else tomorrow - I may well dig into that Gerber Cybernary stuff. It'll give me a chance to do a bit more work on my Weird Worlds project for Sequart. Onward!

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