Nov 20, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 634: Backlash #9, June 1995

One more issue of Backlash tomorrow, and then I'll be leaving the next bit until I read the "Fire from Heaven" crossover, which I have most of. And it's a good thing, I think. This issue was a bit lackluster - Taboo's prison break came very quickly, and I honestly expected some Oz-style escapades on the inside first. Instead we get the kind of annoying Dingo, who was mysteriously introduced a couple of issues back, stumbling into Backlash's escape attempt, and basically rescuing Taboo while Marc is beaten to a pulp.


Which is fine - I'd be lying if I said that Backlash is the best comic I've ever read. It's B or C-level superhero stuff, for sure, but it's a comic that doesn't pretend to be something other than that, and in that honesty, it's quite good. I'm curious about the characters, but I don't think I've come to care for them, and maybe that's what keeps it from being a top-level superhero title. It privileges the "super" over the "human" in the equation.

Regardless, I'll finish up tomorrow happily. I've had Backlash kicking about in the collection since I bought my first batch of stock comics for my store, well back in 2001. I always remember the title because it was one of the few Image series that I actually had an extensive run of, so it always had its own section in my comic boxes, rather than being a part of the B Miscellaneous section. In the intervening years I've come to know the Wildstorm Universe relatively well, enough to understand the circumstances surrounding events in Backlash, so it was a cool little expansion of my internal map of that continuity.


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