Oct 23, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 606: Amazing Fantasy #17, January 1996


Same as yesterday, I'm afraid, still sore, and typing is a bad idea. But I will get to this issue, because it's really, really great.

Okay, another quick one. Just as yesterday's comic addressed the discovery, and occasional incomprehension, of new super powers in the early days of a hero's career, today's comic addresses the inherent loneliness that can accompany the manifestation of such powers. The last few weeks of the Supergirl television series have dealt with this really nicely, as we see Kara's reaction to having Clark around for a few days: all of a sudden there is someone there, someone present, who understands exactly what it's like to be you.

Because of the, in many cases, unique origins of Marvel heroes, this loneliness can become quite pronounced. Though we do eventually see a "family" of spider-themed heroes, the bite from the radioactive spider is unique (I think) to Peter. It's not like he's a mutant, so has the racial connection of that class of superhero, nor is he an alien like the aforementioned Kryptonians. In today's comic he connects with another super-powered teen, ameliorating the loneliness through a bond of age. It's unfortunately not enough.

I was very happy to see that this series is a limited series, three issues only, even though it continues the original series numbering. I've been greatly impressed by it so far, and knowing that there's only one more issue to pick up makes that a much more enticing notion. So you'll see the conclusion of this series at some point in the future.


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