Oct 22, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 605: Amazing Fantasy #16, December 1995


I've somehow managed to pull something very painful in my shoulder, so I'll blog about this comic when my arm feels better. It was really excellent.

A quick catch-up post, as my arm is still quite sore. This Spider-Man comic has something in common with another Spider-Man comic that I consider to be amongst the best offerings that the Ultimate Marvel Universe gave us in its time: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #10. The Team-Up title is really pretty great to begin with, as it features some top-tier artists doing amusing and (mostly) standalone stories featuring the wall-crawler and a guest. #10 is about Peter encountering both Man-Thing and the Lizard, and reacting by having absolutely no idea what the hell is going on, or went on, and that's the story. This issue of Amazing Fantasy has a similar feel, in that Peter begins to discover his "Spider-Sense," and isn't quite sure what's going on, only that he's reacting to a weird buzzing, and those reaction seem to be keeping him out of danger. I do enjoy seeing these types of stories. Often a writer will forget that the character they're writing is a human being, and just because their physical power has been increased does not necessarily mean that their comprehension of events has too.


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