Oct 16, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 599: X-Men #6, March 1992


Still sick. Not even slightly better, so let's blame that for how much I fucking hated this comic. What the hell was wrong with creators in the early 90s? Six issues into the new series, even the readers were starting to ask what the hell was going on. Letter writer Kieron Brennan, though happy to see the team update into the 90s, says "Don't sacrifice the personal lives of the X-Men just to please the PUNISHER and X-FORCE fans! The personal interplay between various X-Men hasn't been carried over into this 'new era of the X-Men.'

He's not wrong. It is brutal fisticuffs cover to cover. Oh, and development of Wolverine's character, probably, aside from Batman, the most overdone superhero in the history of superheroes.

I'm concerned now that there's so much of this bad 90s superhero stuff in the collection that I'm going to have to read. Perhaps rather than reading it in chunks like I've attempted here, I should break them up. Or, y'know, try to maintain some distance from my subjects.

But the comics are just so bad.


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