Sep 20, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 573: Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1, September 1998

We'll cap the old Doom Patrol read for a while with this callback to the originals from the late 90s. Written by James "Starman" Robinson, arted by Dave Gibbons and Sal Buscema, I include this short story here because it explicitly references a "recent" adventure of the DP in Hollywood, a callback to the adventure we saw a couple of days ago. Couple this with the team's use of their original green costumes, and this seems a nice fit for a bridge between the end of My Greatest Adventure and its re-titling as The Doom Patrol.

The adventure cleaves very closely to the spirit of the originals, though it's meant more as a pastiche of the old adventures than an expansion on them. Again, though, this works very nicely, and glossy paper aside, this story would fit very nicely in the back pages of the original run of the DP title. The art is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous, and though I've never found much of Robinson's work outside of Starman to be particularly great, he channels the voices of Drake and Premiani very adroitly here.

Tomorrow, on to something different. I've a desire to read something that I haven't read before. Onward!

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