Sep 9, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 562: Roy Rogers' Trigger #10, September-November 1953 (Western Week, Day 5)

(Written on the 11th)
This afternoon, a friend came over and was browsing through this comic. Prior, he'd been looking through the issue of Rawhide Kid that'll be on the docket a couple of days from now. We both agreed that today's comic, about an action horse, contained some real dramatic moments, some actually interestingly constructed narratives, and did Westerns in a way that many traditional ones don't (in that, it was set in the West, and deployed the tropes, but wasn't about hyper masculine men wandering around deserts and shooting at people).

I often think that this is what the great writers of Westerns are going for - not the stereotype, but the behaviours and settings that are associated with the stereotype, but without the stereotype being present.

What I mean to say, then, is that of all the more traditional, old-school Western comics I've read this week, this one has been the best. Also the oldest, and definitely one of the oldest comics in the collection. I have a few from the very late 40s, but, like my copy of this comic, they're in very bad condition. The middle pages are missing from my copy, but I'm assuming that everything turns out okay. Except perhaps for the mountain lion in the first story. I get the feeling he doesn't make out okay.


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