Jul 28, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 519: Batman, Inc. #6, June 2011


As is becoming apparent, the battle against the global conspiracy of Leviathan (does this echo Secret Warriors, or vice versa?) is the overarching theme of Batman, Inc. As with any half-decent action series, we're shown, initially, only the consequences of Leviathan's actions, rather than the inception of them. But on the other hand, we're treated, in this issue, to a behind the scenes-esque look at the Bat organization, and the deployment against this threat of Bruce's assets. In much the same way that the "No Man's Land" crossover placed Batman into the role of general commanding troops on a ruined and desolate Gotham-shaped Risk board, here he's the arch-conspirator, or arch-anti-conspirator (that's a lot of hyphens), assembling and placing his peices in defensive positions against an enemy whose actual moves he can only speculate about. Sometimes I wonder if there's too much of an assumption that just because Batman is a world-class detective that he is also a world-class strategist. I'm not sure that the two necessarily go hand in hand, though in the case of Bruce Wayne, they appear to. Not that I'm complaining - the story is fascinating, and what's wonderful is the anticipation of all of these measures seeming to fail, of Leviathan thinking it's got the upper hand, only to realize that no one but no one out-strategizes Batman. As I've said before, he's given a good deal of praise because of the fact that he's, ostensibly, not super-powered, but if you can think of another way of describing the inhuman level he's managed to achieve in a ridiculous amount of disciplines, you're more savvy than I.


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