Jul 28, 2016

Artists to Check Out

Holy crap there's a lot of phenomenally talented people out there making art. I LOVE IT!!

Kevin Wada: How could this not catch my attention? How could anyone make a more perfect Selina Kyle than Audrey Hepburn? Mr. Wada's art is beautiful and sexy. There's a picture of a very naked man eating a banana on there that gave me...feelings ;P

Sarah con Hache: Apparently on Tumblr there's a thing called "Mer-may," so all last month I was getting inundated with pictures of mermaids. This is not by any means a bad thing. Ms. Hache's picture here stood out to me. It has all the lovely hallmarks of Foglio's Xxenophile, that is, fun, sexy, and amazingly well-rendered. Like everything else on her site.

Aortdn: Not much info on the site about this artist. But their style is fantastic, and the picture below is just wonderful. I've always thought Power Girl needed to be buff like this, a bit like the Keatinge/Campbell redesign of Glory for Image Comics a couple of years ago.

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