Apr 17, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 418: The Fox and the Crow #106, November 1967 ("Hey Kids! Comics!" Week, Day 6)


Another of those odd instances where the comic has no presence in my database. I wonder why I didn't enter these ones when I got them.

This is an odd little comic. Definitely dark, definitely 60s. My only other exposure to Stanley and his Monster is from Kevin Smith's Green Arrow run, in which he returns Oliver Queen from the dead. In this issue, Stanley doesn't just have a monster, but a dwarf, a leprechaun, and a ghost. Is it any wonder that the kid grows up to become the disturbed villain in Smith's GA?

Though mostly mediocre (especially the Fox and Crow stories), I have to hold a bit of affection for this title as the lead story is written by Arnold Drake, revered forever as co-creator of the Doom Patrol. His love of weirdness shines through completely, and the strangeness and discomfort of the DP is reflected in Stanley and his little cadre of supernatural beings. This would have been the comic for the weird little kids, I think. Stanley's friends are not necessarily the most well-behaved of creatures, and there's a real Where the Wild Things Are vibe going on here, with the added twist that the Wild Things have followed Max back out of his daydream and are living with him in the real world instead.

We'll finish up children's comics week tomorrow (well, maybe...you'll see), and then I'll be moving on to another genre. I'll leave it slightly open to input, shall I? Here's the choices: I'm going to do all of these genres over the next few weeks, but if you'd like to see one in particular next, let me know. I've got Romance, Western, War, and Erotica set aside to read over the next month or so. Which one should I do next?


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