Mar 12, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 382: 7 Guys of Justice #9, September 2001

The final chapter of the 7 Guys' cross-dimensional adventure is as silly as you might expect, though Lord Talon manages to pull off a fairly dramatic last-minute rescue and smack-down with Baron Brilliance. The 7Gs find their way back to Big City, where things appear to be getting very grim. More hero-murders, and now some shadowy scientists cooking up a virus of some sort. Both plots hardly seem to be fodder for a parody comic, but 7 Guys is very good at being something it's not occasionally.

That's it for today. I was talking to some friends and explaining to them that I can only read about 4 issues of a series and blog them at a go before I start getting annoyed with the comic and become cruel. So we'll take a break from 7 Guys tomorrow, and have a look into the depths of the collection again. Onward!

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