Nov 13, 2015

The 40 Years fo Comics Project - Day 262: Urth 4 #1, May 1989

I, honestly, have no idea what was going on in this comic. There's such a thing as in medias res, but this was ridiculous. I think that it's maybe continuing on from another comic, but this is number one of this series, and there is a reference to Ms. Mystic, another of Continuity's characters, but that's about it.
There's these four people, they've been given elemental powers (and goofy codenames - Fyre, Ayre) and have to fight four evil elementals because...the Earth said so.

I am kind of struck by the environmentalist attitude in this comic and in Ms. Mystic. I'll have to keep my eyes open when I hit some of Continuity's other titles. Late 80s environmentalist comics?  Neat.

But I still have no idea what happened in this comic. Sorry. More random weirdness tomorrow.

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