Oct 2, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 220: Beat City #8, 2002 (?)

I bought Beat City many moons ago at Toronto's awesome "Word on the Street" festival one of the years when they closed down a huge chunk of Queen Street and let the literati loose upon it. Sean Ward was selling his comic on a street corner, out of a box, so I bought one.

There are super monkeys, super dudes, disco dancing villains, go go girls, and a trophy. This is a strange, strange comic, and if the monkey commentary at the beginning is anything to go by, it was made up as Mr. Ward went along. I believe it.

Of course, this is what makes it kind of cool. It's a surrealist superhero disco comic, and I can pretty safely say I've never read anything that fits that description before. Jim Mahfood's Generation X Underground Special comes close, but doesn't have quite as much disco. Mr. Ward's art puts me in mind of Saturday morning cartoons, but it's like we're seeing them through the lens of still coming down from the acid trip the night before.

I'll see what other self-published madness I can pull out tomorrow, and then I think we'll get back to Mr. Jones and his science fiction jewels. See you tomorrow.

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