Sep 12, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 200: Weapon X #3, May 1995

Day 200! That's a milestone I feel like celebrating, so let's get back to the Age of Apocalypse a day early. I hope you enjoyed the little romp through my saucier comics, and I certainly needed the brief break from the daily update, but I'm back, recharged, and ready to see where this excellent crossover leads us. 

Wolverine is such a downer. I mean, I know he lives in a nightmare reality, I know he's missing a hand, and I know his lady-love has deserted him, but, y'know, crack a smile every now and again, bub.

The further adventures of Marvel's most over-rated character in the AoA continue, and actually give us a lovely glimpse of what we'll have, hopefully, fully revealed in the X-Universe series that will follow in a couple of days: an idea of what happened to all of the other superheroes in this iteration of reality. Wolverine and Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers have always had an interesting relationship, one that I've always found far more believable and intriguing than any of the other friendships the Canucklehead has had. So it's nice to see that this friendship is alive and well in the AoA, at least for the first 20 or so pages of the comic.

That was a little subtle hint that poor Carol does not make it through this issue.

Which is another interesting facet of the crossover. I've talked about how there is, implicit in this text itself, the promise of return to the main timeline, with little or no effect on the characters themselves. And as such, it allows the writers and artists the freedom to do things with the characters that, in the regular Marvel U, would be killing Carol Danvers. If this had happened in the main timeline, it would have been a huge deal, but here she's tossed out of a plane, serving the purpose of the story, but not really giving her the death we might expect for a mainstay of the Marvel U. (Not that she necessarily was big noise at the time, but can you imagine casually killing off Carol now?)

I imagine this wholesale slaughter will continue apace as the crossover reaches its climax, and I'm curious as to whether or not the writers will attempt any emotional appeals in these deaths, or whether they'll simply be gratuitous. My bets on the latter, but the crossover as a whole has surprised me so far.

Nice to be back. See you tomorrow.

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