Jul 26, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 151: Poison Elves Sketchbook, March, 2003

I will admit to copping out a bit today. Just got back from vacation and I'm wiped out. But I found cool stuff.

Anyway. This comic raises and interesting issue: is the sketchbook comic actually a comic? Format-wise, yes it is. Also based on where it's sold, it's a comic. But the interior isn't the same kind of meshing of words and pictures which forms the basis of whatever theory of comics you subscribe to. So is this more properly and art book disguised to look like a comic? Interesting question.

That said, they do make a good quick read when the time is running out.

I'm not a fan of Drew Hayes' art, nor have I enjoyed Poison Elves so much. I do have to admit that both the comic and the art have a style that is uniquely their own. I can't think of a comic to compare Poison Elves to. But then part of me also thinks that maybe one series like this is enough.

Sketchbooks can be interesting, in seeing the progression of ideas in the visual language of the medium in much the same way we might read an early draft of a work of prose fiction. The trouble is that without the knowledge of the finished work, the significance of the sketchbook can be diminished. As was the case here for me.

That's it. I'll be back on track tomorrow. No idea what I'm going to read. See you then.

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