Jul 24, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 150: Fantastic Four #171, June 1976 (Two Weeks From The Dollar Bin - Day 14)

So let's finish off these two weeks with a good, old-fashioned superheroes versus giant gorillas story. And, really, that is all there is to this tale.

Though I'll note that whenever I end up reading an older issue of Fantastic Four, it seems to be one where Ben Grimm has somehow lost his powers (he's in an exo-skeleton in this one). Considering that one of the defining traits of his character is his constant struggle (read: whining) about being trapped as The Thing forever, he changes back with some shocking regularity over the course of their adventures. Though, and this'll come as a surprise to no one, the solution Hickman advanced in F.F. is my favourite one.

So, that's it for this cruise through my dollar bin treasures. I have to say that the variety of stories I read were fun, and I can't for the life of me figure out why some of these issues were actually relegated to the dollar bin. Some, of course, were in terrible shape, which somehow decreases their value (I've never really understood that mint-condition collector mentality), but others, I think , were simply victims of the proliferation of superhero comics and the difficulty inherent in trying to market something other than a costumed adventurer. Seriously, do yourself a favour and have a look for Halo and Sprocket. It's really good.

Okay. Not sure what we'll do next. I have some ideas for theme weeks, but maybe it'll be nice to get back to our regularly scheduled (whatever that might mean) program. See you tomorrow.

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