Jun 25, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 121: The Addams Family #1, October 1974

It doesn't quite look like Charles Addams' early 20th century work, nor the television show upon which Hanna Barbera based their cartoon. This was a weird one. I feel like it couldn't really decide what it wanted to be: domestic-goth comedy or children's cartoon. Not that I'm claiming that the two are mutually exclusive, but they have to be combined with slightly more finesse than this comic. There were times where it felt like a cartoon (Gomez floating in a swamp, relaxing, still dressed in his full suit), and times when it felt like it wanted to be a weird psychedelic comic (the nesting Boola-Boola), and times when it seemed to want to be a proto-Vertigo comedy comic, something along the lines of Nevada or Vamps. I'm not surprised that the series lasted only 3 issues, and I'm curious as to how long the cartoon was popular. Having only very recently read Addams' original cartoons, I'm just not quite sure how this comic, and its animated predecessor, really have very much in common with the dark, parodic roots from whence they sprung.

It does, however, give us this aforementioned panel, which really makes it all worth it in a strange, surreal kind of way:

Yes, that appears to be a stoned, furry, rainbow-coloured octopus keeping its rainbow-coloured eggs warm on dry land. There's really not much more I can say.

See you tomorrow!

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