Jun 24, 2015

Artists to Check Out

Another round of excellent artists.

Edwardian Taylor: I have always been a big fan of original costume Psylocke. Her story during the "Marvel Mutant Massacre" storyline was one of the best X-Men stories of that era. Mr. Taylor's art does justice to it.

Tula Lotay: Ms. Lotay will always have a special place in my heart for being a part of the team that finally brought Supreme back up to the golden age of Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse. Also, her work in comics is unlike anything else out there. I'm not kidding.

Jim Mahfood: I don't even know where to start with Mr. Mahfood. Hands down one of my favourite artists in or out of comics. His Generation X Underground Special is one of the best Marvel mutant comics I've read. And his real commitment to a funk visual art aesthetic is beautiful. In a perfect world, for me at least, Mahfood ascends to the same kind of acclaim as someone like Crumb. I think he's that good.

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