Jun 7, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 103: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #6, May 1989

Before reading today's comic, I took my son down to our local gaming store (The Sentry Box). While he was flipping through new D&D books, I had a look at the book section of the store. I was surprised to find a volume entitled Classic Dungeons & Dragons, published by I.D.W., that contained the first eight issues of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons series. There were three more there collecting the complete series. My problem now is a mathematical one. Is it cheaper to buy the trades or the individual issues? Coupled with this conundrum is whether or not I'll be able to find all of the issues. Ah well. The concerns of the comic collector.

I've not much more to say about this storyline as yet. Both the praise and the problems I've outlined thus far with the series are still present. The Myrrth story is quite amusing, especially the Marty Feldman appearance as the leader of the Ancient and Revered Order of Merrymakers (the Jesters' Guild). A bit more of Vajra's backstory is filled in, by way of the mysterious Connor and his cat-child. One of the slight inconsistencies this time around was Vajra's behaviour while lost beneath the City of the Dead in Waterdeep. She begins to act quite petulantly, which Connor points out, and it's certainly not in keeping with her character as portrayed in the earlier issues. I'm sure this will be dealt with at some point, and the off-putting nature of the scene serves in some ways to add a bit of depth to characters that, as with any adventure-based comic, run the risk of descending into stereotype.

This issue, and the next, do afford me the opportunity to type something that I've never, ever typed before: Giant Undead Skeletal Jester.

That was satisfying. See you tomorrow.

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