May 26, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 91: Miracleman #7, August 2014

Read today. Will fill in post tomorrow. Exam in the morning, so no time today.

(And now the proper post:)

It's a strange world that Miracleman inhabits. Less for us than for him, though. I think this issue is dealing rather fantastically with the realization that MM is having that every battle he remembers, every other supervillain, every relationship, was completely false. While such a realization would in and of itself be shattering, couple it with the idea that the only other superhuman that he's sure exists is his psychotic ex-sidekick. What does one do upon realizing that one is only one of two members of a species. There's a bit of reference there to the Superman/Supergirl question, one that becomes increasingly moot as more and more Kryptonians appear to have survived that planet's destruction. And then in Supreme, Moore elevates Ethan Crane, makes sure that his origins are firmly grounded in humanity, but then supplies him with other superhumans with whom to collaborate/commiserate. Miracleman, by contrast, is left alone. Where that will lead him is a mystery so far, though we see him with a look of rage on his face more and more with each passing issue. Those of us who are familiar with the trajectory of the series have some idea where things head, but to see how that trajectory unfolds is the real treat of this reprint series.

More on Miracleman as I can afford the subsequent issues. If Marvel knew one thing in reprinting this series, it's that they could pretty much charge whatever they wanted and crazy people like me would buy it. Though I'm feeling much less crazy these days....

See you tomorrow.

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