May 14, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 79: Miracleman #2, March 2014

I'm really not sure why I stopped buying this title. It's really remarkable. I think the price was a major factor. Much as I enjoy all the extra content and such, and much as I think it's a necessary part of reading what is probably one of the most important pieces of superhero writing that's been done, the inclusion of all that stuff makes the comic itself a bit expensive. Not prohibitively so, but enough to cause one (or me, at least) to take pause in picking it up on a monthly basis.

That said, the way that these stories are being presented is quite awesome. I'm not sure how much access there was to the older stories when Eclipse was originally publishing Miracleman, but the juxtaposition of the older material with the newer, that movement from innocent altruism to deconstruction makes for an interesting read. It would be easy, in only reading the later material, to distance it from the original Mick Anglo stuff, but to have it presented together really drives home the fact that the adventures of Marvelman in the 50s are actually a part of Mike Moran's memories as Miracleman. I don't know much about what happens later in the series, but it would be cool to see 80s Miracleman travel back and witness one of the older adventures of 50s Marvelman.

"The Original Writer" continues to impress. Though it'd be nice if he came down from his high horse and just owned his past, warts and all.

See you tomorrow.

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