May 13, 2015

Crosspost from Facebook

A little more coherent wrap-up of the comics I live-blogged earlier.

"To celebrate handing in my exam, I went out and bought some comics. Here's some things I think are pretty good:

ODY-C - retelling of Homer's epic set in space with an all-female cast. One of the most beautifully coloured comics I've ever seen, and written in Homeric verse. Supposedly. I don't know what Homeric verse is.

Intersect - I just wrote on my blog that when I read this comic, I feel like I'm taking part in some weird performance art. I thought I had a sort of general idea of what was going on, and then things got very weird, very fast.

Kaijumax - I actually don't know if I'm going to keep reading this one. I found it uncomfortable. It's set in a super-max prison for all those monsters from Japanese B-movies, and the art style is fairly cartoony, but it is played FUCKING HARDCORE LIKE OZ. And that's a bit disturbing.

Secret Wars - So, yeah, forget that Infinty Whatever movie stuff that's coming up in 2018/19 - Jonathan Hickman is telling the ultimate story of Marvel superheroes right now. I know that's a pretty hyperbolic thing to say, but it's really, really, really good.

The Surface - I'm convinced that writer Ales Kot is either having a very intense conversation with Grant Morrison, or he is Grant Morrison. This comic's use of the format is blowing my mind. As is Intersect, actually. Some very cool formal experimentation going on.

That's it. As you were."

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