May 2, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 67: Dark Circle Comics #1, June-July 2015

As I said yesterday, today's comic is a Free Comic Book Day find. I'd heard a week or so ago that Archie Comics was relaunching a few of their old superhero properties, so I was excited to see a preview issue on the table at the local comic store this morning. Archie's recent output has been thoroughly impressive of late, so I had no reason to think that their superhero relaunch would be any different.

That sounds like a lead up to my totally bashing this comic, but it's not.

The trouble is, with such a small preview (portions of 2 stories and character designs for one), it's hard to tell whether or not the titles will be good. Let's be clear, they've got some high-level talent working on the books. I am absolutely in love with Dean Haspiel's design for The Fox, and Michael Gaydos' gritty art on The Black Hood suits the tenor of the tale perfectly. But we don't see much happen, which makes an evaluation fairly difficult.

The Shield intrigues me the most, though. This character is an archetype who rises periodically throughout the history of the United States, which really meshes nicely with my current American Literature exam. Unfortunately, she's the only one who doesn't get a snippet of story in this comic. I may have to check out these three initial titles, if only for the first couple of issues, on the strength of the Archie output of late, but with Secret Wars dropping next week it's going to be hard to spread the comic book wealth around.

So far this is the only one of my FCBD comics I've read. Did you pick up anything that really leapt out at you? Or did your local store do anything interesting?

Sorry, short and sweet today. Back to The Score tomorrow, I think.

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