Apr 5, 2015

Live-Post: Reorganizing my comic collection, Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 17:47

I was just filing Jonathan Lethem's re-imagining of  Omega the Unknown. I just picked up a hardcover collection of it at my local Chapters for 8 bucks. It pays homage to Steve Gerber's bizarre little 70s project, one of the great mysteries of superhero comics. Gerber fell out with Marvel well before the original series ended, and he, to his dying day, never (at least to my knowledge) revealed how the story was supposed to end. I think Marvel had someone finish it up in Defenders some time later, but Gerber (and co-writer Mary Skrenes) never revealed what was meant to happen.

At this point, I think whatever we've imagined is going to be better that what was. But then again, it was Gerber, and he's never disappointing.

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