Apr 5, 2015

Live-Post: Reorganizing my comic collection, Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 19:28

Okay, done, it's definitely dinner time.

The re-org went okay, and it was only a minor one, really. I've moved the Avengers subcollection and the Flash subcollection into the storage room, put the Steve Gerber subcollection onto the shelves holding my active collection (I'm working on a book proposal on Gerber for Sequart right now), and in the space I have on my shelf now, I've put my BIONICLE MOCs. That's a whole other blog....

I'm left now with the Shadowline Saga and DC One Million comics to put away into the active collection. I've had the One Million stuff organized under each individual title for a while now, but that makes no sense in context of the series. They're all going to be filed together now. I'll have to change that in the database too.

Was it fun? Was it simply a way of getting more page hits? (I hadn't thought of that until just now). I don't know. It was an exercise. The collection's a big part of my life. This is how I spend time with it.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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