Apr 4, 2015

A Brief Note on Scheduling

First, once again, welcome to the Giant Box of Comics. It never occurred to me, really, that anyone would be reading this, so it's really cool and gratifying to see so many people from all over the world paying even a little attention to my thoughts on comics. I have SO MANY OF THEM!

However, if you don't want to check back constantly to see what I've posted, I'm trying to set up a schedule of posting, to make things easier on both myself and my readers.

As you're probably well aware, I'll be posting a short blog entry about whatever comic I read once a day. I don't have a set time for this, as it happens whenever the time permits, and, as a grad student, my schedule is often very weird and flexible. I am trying to get them done early in the mornings, before I start work, but that's not always the case.

My other plan is to post something non-40 Years of Comics Project-related, or only tangentially related, every Friday at noon. This will include old academic papers I've written, new pieces on things I've discovered, (hopefully) continuations of things I started writing here years ago, metadata about the collection as a whole, or musings on the experience of interacting with such a collection, and, hopefully relatively soon, some guest posts. I'm actually scheduling these, so the next month and a bit of Fridays are taken care of, so if you're a "read it like a digest" sort of person, Friday after noon MDT is the time to hit up the blog.

Those two regular things aside, I'm obviously going to post things randomly when inspiration strikes. We should all keep a bit of random in our lives. Mine really seems to have more than its fair share though....

Thanks again for reading.

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