Mar 31, 2008

Best Comic I've Read This Week (Mar.30 - Apr.5, 2008)

I was going to wait until Frank Quitely's 12 issues of this title were done before I wrote about it. I also wanted to get my thoughts on "Flex Mentallo" down first, since this title is so much the spiritual successor to that series, but I just had to talk about this one.

All-Star Superman #10

I defy anyone to explain to me why they're not reading a Superman comic written by Grant Morrison that is completely outside the bounds of any continuity whatsoever. This is a stunning piece of work. They are stories that I think will be looked upon as a defining work, much like Byrne's "Man of Steel" in the mid-Eighties, or "The Death of Superman" in the Nineties. With Morrison's "Final Crisis" fast approaching in May, I'm really hoping that he brings the same sense of grandeur to the epic crossover that he has to Superman.

Issue 10 has a cover date of May 2008, meaning it's on store shelves as I type. The first six issues of "All-Star Superman" have been released in hardcover, from DC Comics.

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