Mar 24, 2008

Best Comic I've Read This Week (Mar.16 - 22)

Sorry. Couple of days late.

I've recently started trying to fill in Joe Casey's run on "Adventures of Superman" from about 6 years ago. He writes an excellent Superman. In doing so, however, I grabbed a couple of issues of the various other titles being published about that time, specifically the "Return to Krypton 2" storyline that ran in four parts through the titles. The first part is this week's best comic.

The story is well done, though you really need the other four parts to enjoy it fully. This particular issue stood out to me, though, because of two panels. I'm not giving anything away to say that Jor-El, Superman's Dad, winds up on Earth. He's exposed to our yellow Sun, and begins to experience what it's like to be Superman. In amazement, he asks "Is this what it's like, son? To live without fear? Without pain?" Superman responds with a small smile that speaks volumes, a testament to artists Pascual Ferry and Cam Smith. That page (page 6) was one of the most pure Superman moments I've read. All that remains is to say that the issue was written by Geoff Johns, and published by DC Comics in September of 2002. Worth hunting for.

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peteybrigade said...

Hmm... "live without fear? without pain" - I'm positive I've read that in some classical text, but I can't put my finger on it. Quick searches for 'sine metu' didn't give me anything except that its apparently the name of some defunct band.

I'll keep looking...