Jun 13, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1204: Small Favors #3, June 2001


As I was thinking on what to say about this comic, I surfed over to a bookseller website and was about to order the recently released collection of the series from Oni Press. Then I thought I should probably see if any of my local stores have it first, but the impulse does help me with what I want to say:

I love this comic.

This is, hands down, one of the best adult comics I've read. It's funny, it's cute, it's erotic, and it's totally, totally about sex being fun.

The set-up is that Nibbil is a tiny Jiminy Cricket-style conscience, sent to prevent Annie from masturbating too much. Instead they fall in love and have lots of really hot gay sex.

Colleen Coover's art is just wonderful. Her command of figure and expression is on display up there on the cover, but the sense of narrative contained within is just astounding. I've read adult comics where I've become bored by the sex scene almost from the first panel. Standard poses, quotes, etc. But Ms. Coover draws one particular encounter out over a fair number of pages, and turns the sex into the narrative that, very often, sex is. It's not all pouty lips and heaving sighs, but also giggles at silly things the other says, or stopping for a drink of water. It's sex as a story, rather than as part of a story, and thus has all the trappings of a story.

Here's the other thing about this comic: how can one possibly resist something that calls itself a "girly porno comic book"? Simply not possible.

More to come...

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