Jun 12, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1203: 2020 Visions #6, October 1997


The end of the story in today's comic fell a little flat for me. Things kind of turned out like I expected them to, and I was kind of hoping for a bit more twist. That said, a lot of the story is framed around an expected storm, La Tormenta, that seems to sit off the coast biding its time, but a foregone conclusion nonetheless. Perhaps that's what the story was doing, sailing toward its predictable, but unavoidable conclusion. Perhaps.

There's some interesting revelations today to do with Ms. Atlanta's sexual liaisons. It turns out that the detective whose investigation has been following Jack's own is actually the young virtual lady that Jack has been having a regular Monday night date with. And, when asked under heavy narcotic influence, he admits to wanting to be a girl to a psychopathic body modifier, who then gives the detective breasts.

Shit gets weird. In some ways Hector is forced to confront something about himself, but being forced into something like that can be very damaging. For Hector, we'll never know, but he does not seem happy with his new body at the story's end. And Jack takes it all in stride, oh so coolly, like the noir detectives of old.

I've one other story from 2020 Visions, illustrated by the magnificent Frank Quitely. They're good stories, but nothing spectacular as far as I can tell. I was unaware until recently, however, that there is some crossover between the four narratives that take place in this series. Perhaps I should track the rest down and see if it reads better as a whole, rather than as parts.

(Just turned  around to check, and we've got a naughty one tomorrow! Always fun.)

More to come...

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