May 24, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1184: Lust #5, August 1997

Back to some of the naughtier comics in the collection. More after the jump.

Many, many moons ago I wrote a bit about another issue of this comic. That prior issue is one of my favourite pieces of erotic comics I've read, and part of the reason is that it actually told a story. I also note in that review the strangeness of the aesthetic of this series, almost a magical realism meets adult films sort of vibe. Which, I shouldn't have to tell you, is pretty awesome.

Today's tale falls more into the creepy spirit world genre, though not quite as brutal or terrifying as that genre can very often be. A man discovers that his wife's invalid younger brother used to astral project to watch his sister's many and varied sexual couplings (and triplings and quadruplings, etc.). Far from it being about the boy lusting after his sister (leave that to Super Taboo from the same publisher), he instead wishes he was able to experience physical satisfaction on a level similar to what his sister does. The problems really begin when the boy is brought to live with his newly married sister and her husband...

...who can see the boy's astral form while he watches.

It's a two-part story, so I'm going to see about tracking the rest of the series, and this story, down. This dreamlike quality melded with the explicit sex makes for a very entertaining read. And, so far in just these two issues anyway, there hasn't been any violent or exploitative behaviour from any of the men. I've noted before in my reviews of adult comics that this is a huge problem. Regardless of the quality of the art, either its technical proficiency or its eroticism, if the attitudes and personalities attached to that quality is derogatory, it's hard to enjoy the other features of the comic or book.

I'm going to give this series a hearty recommendation. Excellent stories and art.

More to come...

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