May 8, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1168: Arthur Sex #3, July 1991

We're going to do some adult comics over the next few days. The more salacious of the covers will, of course, be behind a jump.

But not this one!

I think the weirdest thing about this comic is that there is no credit for the writing or art anywhere in the issue. The closest we get is the original publisher, Editorial Astri, S.A., a Spanish publisher. All the reprint credits are there, but nothing for the original creator(s).

That aside, I was strangely reminded of Spenser's The Faerie Queene when reading this. I think there must have been a bit of the erotic swirling around in old Edmund's head as he was writing his great English epic. Even from a purely knightly point of view, the tale of one chivalrous gent meeting another and the two rescuing a helpless damsel together would fit exceedingly well into Spenser's extended meditation on Arthurian myth and chivalry.

Of course, the two knights engage in some less-armoured adventures with the lady as well, and they all seem to have a lot of fun...well, until the "Unicorn" (actually a centaur with a remarkably large phallus) shows ups an woos the lady with

Pretty harmless stuff, really - it'd be nice if the ladies showed a bit more agency, but that's sadly the state of many erotic comics from this period. It's not that the women are explicitly looked down upon, but they just don't seem to contribute anything (aside from their bodies) to the forward momentum of the narrative.

Which, as I write it, sounds a lot like patriarchal sexist culture, really.

More to come...

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