May 5, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1165: Detective Comics #640, January 1992

The Idiot and his root wind down in a fairly typical Batman style, I think. Were this a weirder comic, things wouldn't have wrapped up quite so nicely but, again, that's what Milligan is doing over in Shade. I'm curious as to whether or not The Idiot ever shows up again - the ending is left fairly open.

I really am convinced that Mr. Milligan was working out in this story what would happen if Shade gave in to the baser instincts of the body he inhabits in this particular era - that of a convicted murderer. The body does take over once or twice in the series. More that that, though, I could see this as a view of how Shade might move through bodies were he to care little about who or what he inhabits.

One more Milligan 'Tec (that's what the fans call it) tomorrow, and then on to something pretty different.

More to come...

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