Apr 29, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1159: Extreme Justice #1, February 1995


(Sorry for the delay. As I said, my parents are here and things are a bit chaotic. Back to Kirby tomorrow.)

I don't really know the context of this comic, but for some reason Captain Atom's Justice League is at odds with the American government, and also another Justice League team led by Wonder Woman? Lots of my friends think that my knowledge of comics is pretty impressive, but there really is so much I don't know. It's fun finding out, though.

Cap and company try to set up shop in an abandoned military base buried in a mountain, but someone has beat them there...

The story's okay, demonstrating that DC at the time hadn't completely sacrificed writing for the sake of art, but the art is just so early-90s that it impacts how good the story could be, I think. I know it's "extreme," but they never do say extremely what.

More to come...

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