Mar 20, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1119: Supreme #14, June 1994

Union guest stars today, and does something that I've rarely seen a superhero do: he pretends to be beaten so that Supreme will fly away and leave him alone. And then he basically goes home and doesn't worry about where the mad demi-god with Thor's hammer is off to next.

Someone else's problem, I guess.

That aside, a pretty generic superhero vs. superhero(?) fight. There is an interesting subplot brewing with one of Grizlock's former henchmen, but my hopes that it plays out interestingly are not high. The series shifts directions so suddenly (remember back when Supreme was leader of Heavy Mettle?) that I'm never sure the things I like are going to get continued.

I should also note that between issues 12 and 13, issue number 25 was released. This happened across the Extreme titles, and possibly the Image titles more generally. Each writer jumped a year forward in their story and gave us a glimpse. I'm curious as to whether it was a matter of the writers knowing that far in advance what would be in that issue, or if they had an idea and then filled in the blanks to get there. Either one would be a very interesting way to build a narrative. Priest and Bright did something similar with Quantum & Woody, though sadly they never got the chance to tell the story that would have led to the future issue. I'll rail about the injustice of this series getting cancelled when I read it, though.

The cover of tomorrow's comic promises an interesting guest. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one.

More to come...

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