Aug 9, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 896: Avengers v.1 #232, June 1983

A comic of little stories. Thor, Captain Marvel, and the new Avenger-in-Training Starfox pursue Plant Man's submarine, assisting the US Navy in capturing the criminal. Things don't work out so well for Plant Man, but it's a good, and relatively simple, first mission for Starfox. Cap and Wasp discover a very drunk Tony Stark...and Iron Man at one of Stark's apartments. That means that this particular era of The Avengers is taking place during the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline, one of the most famous of the Iron Man title. I don't have any of that stuff in the collection, but its reputation and influence speak for it, I think.

And afterward, She-Hulk and Wasp go apartment hunting for the newly displaced (from the West Coast) She-Hulk, only to run into...something. And neither they, nor I, have any idea what it is.

This final mystery leads me to a bit of a conundrum. I'd set out to read Roger Stern's tenure on the title, but there's a lot of crossovers and events that happen during this time (Secret Wars II being the biggest, I think). The next issue is a crossover with Fantastic Four, and though I quite like John Byrne's run on that title (one of the only runs of a comic he's done that I really enjoy), I wasn't planning on taking breaks from Avengers. But, the story in the next issue is part 2 of the crossover. I guess, since I have the comics, I'll read them, but I was really getting into the Avengers, investing in the drama, and since I only read one comic a day for this project, I was looking forward to more of them tomorrow morning. Ah well. Maybe they'll have a cameo in FF.

To be continued. 

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