Aug 5, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 892: Avengers v.1 #228, February 1983

As the tensions mount, and Stern and co. deliver on the treason trial of Henry Pym, one of the great superteams of all time takes shape. I hadn't realized that the Masters of Evil showed up quite so early on in Mr. Stern's tenure on the title, and it's in many ways the same team that will trounce the Avengers in about 50 issues, and who will go on to become founders of the Thunderbolts.

That aside, this comic is pure, unadulterated soap opera Avengers. Inter-team disputes (between She-Hulk and a suprisingly sexist Hawkeye), domestic problems (for Pym/Van Dyne and Vision/Scarlet Witch), and Tony Stark seemingly getting closer to a backslide. The only action in the title really comes at the end when Egghead, Pym's oldest nemesis, hatches (get it?) a scheme that seems like it's going to ruin the former Ant-Man for good.

And, if you think I'm complaining about the soap opera, I'm not. Really, though X-Men of this era is considered one of the soapiest comics around, Avengers puts it to shame. This comic is really full on daytime television sometimes. And it's wonderful.

To be continued.

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