Jul 6, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - The Weekly Graphic Novel: Week 51 - Darth Vader and Son, 2012

Originally, I'd thought that this book and its follow-ups were rather adorable. Seeing Darth Vader as a father while remaining just faithful enough to the character was amusing. Tiny Luke is cute as a button, as is Tiny Leia when she shows up, and both children respond to situations, be they mundane or "Star Wars-y," in the way that such young children do. I'm still slightly shocked that something so whimsical comes from the mind of Jeffrey Brown. My only previous experience of him are his often thoroughly depressing autobiographical comics. Don't get me wrong - they're amazing comics, but they're just not quite as cute as the ones in today's book.

That's what I'd thought originally. Then I gave the book to my wife to read, because I thought she'd find the parental shenanigans of Darth Vader amusing. But when I asked her what she thought of it, she replied that it had made her sad. Because all of those cute things Vader does in the book...he never gets to do with Luke.

And all of a sudden, this book and its sequels, are heart breaking.

But still well worth the read.


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