Jul 17, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 873: Weather Woman #3, October 2000


Whatever may have happened in issue #2, it's culminated in a number of people (and dogs apparently) ingesting a laxative meant for protagonist Keiko. I find that Japanese comics are far more tolerant of bowel-related humour (and sometimes not humour) than North American comics. Which I'm actually okay with.

I don't know if it's the translation, or if it's just the way the story goes, but I'm having a hard time following the action of this series, even disregarding the missing issues. There are sometimes responses, both physical and verbal, to which I can't identify the impetus for the response. And the comic jumps around a lot. Add to this that Keiko's expressions are all very similar, and I feel like I'm missing a large part of the story. It's not the first time, but definitely the most noticeable time for me, that I've had trouble following a manga. I try to bear in mind as I read a translated work that there's always going to be things I'm not going to get. This one's been particularly tough. I wonder if it has something to do with rearranging the panels to fit North American reading, or if it's simply a series that relies on innuendo and reference that North American readers are unaware of, or are untrained in recognizing.

Ah well. I'll keep plugging away tomorrow. To be continued.

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