Jul 3, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 859: Omega the Unknown #8, May 1977

There's a couple of levels of fill-in issue one can consider. Yesterday's comic had only half of the regular creative team working on the book (artist Jim Mooney). Today's comic has even less of the regular team, in that Mooney inks Lee Elias's work today, while Roger Stern handles scripting. As with yesterday's comic, this one is a fairly standard superhero tale of villain meets hero, beats hero up, hero rallies and overcomes villain.

What I found most interesting about today's comic is the villain, a Captain Marvel villain named Nitro. Nitro becomes infamous a few decades after his dust-up with Omega as the catalyst for the events of the first Civil War series from Marvel. What's interesting is that he's portrayed in today's comic as a brutal killer. He's one of those villains who shows up too infrequently to have any real character development, and while this might seem like a problem, it also gives us some continuity. Superheroes tend to change, if only slightly, each time a writer takes them over. And the more regularly-appearing villains do too. But someone like Nitro remains the same, and, though he's a murderous bastard, there's some comfort to that too.

To be continued.

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