Jun 22, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 848: Iczer 3 #1, September 1996

An interesting specimen today, for two reasons. First, I could find no record of this comic on the Grand Comics Database. That happens occasionally with indie stuff I pick up from cons, but much more rarely with comics produced by an actual indie publisher. When I come across stuff like this, I feel obligated to add it to the GCD. It's such a useful tool for obsessive collectors like myself.

The second interesting thing is that as a result of this dearth of presence in the GCD, I had to scan my actual cover so I could put a picture up for you to gaze at. Way back in 2002, there was this brand spanking new thing called "Free Comic Book Day," and I was fortunate enough to have a comic store just long enough to get to be a part of this very cool event.

I've had my occasional rants about what FCBD has become. My understanding of the original impetus was to invest a bit of money, a very little bit really, in order to potentially increase one's customer base. Basically, you wanted to give people so many comics for free that they'd get sucked into the hobby and become a regular. So the company that publishes today's comic gave away boxes and boxes of odd manga, rather than publishing something special for FCBD. It was pretty rad. So what you see across the front of that image is a sticker I printed out and put on every, single comic I gave away that day. They still crop up in the collection every now and again (I should add that to my database...), always on these weird little manga gems.

Iczer3, as far as I can tell, is the third adaptation of an anime of the same name. A bit of research tells me that it's about Earth being invaded by an alien race called either the Cthuwolf or the Cthulhu (so you can imagine it caught my attention). And it's filed under "Body Horror" as a genre. Neither of which were even remotely apparent in the comic I read today. I'm not really sure what happened in today's comic. There were robot girls and outer space..I think...

To be continued.

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