Jun 21, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 847: Inferno: Hellbound #0, 2001


While the "journalism" that graced the pages of Wizard magazine back in the day was not always of the most rigorous or disinterested sort, the magazine did have a number of features I quite liked. One of the primary ones was their insertion of exclusive comics into the polybags that held their publication. These exclusives, very often "zero" issues, served to both introduce characters and ideas to a wider readership and also to fill in some gaps in particular stories. For the most part they straddled this line quite nicely.

Today's issue, for instance, came out slightly before yesterday's comic, but tells a story set after the events of issue #1. We see the newly-recruited convicts making their way through the portal to Hell, and what happens to one of those unfortunates once he steps through. Though in the main series we haven't even reached that point yet, showing it in this free giveaway comic is a nice way of enticing people to read the coming series, and also inserts a portion of the tale that might not be completely relevant to the main plot, but gives us a wider glimpse of the world that is being established.

The series was apparently also envisioned as a film (you can read an enthusiastic review of the script here), though given the resume of the screenwriters (both of whom worked on the apparently terrible God's Not Dead series), perhaps it's best that it came out in comic form from people who know how that medium works. And given that there's no trace of the film on IMDB, I think that the 3.5 issues that are extant are all we're likely to see of the story. A pity, as I think it has a lot of potential to be a fun action story (or flick).

To be continued.

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