Jun 11, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 837: Wonder Woman #268, June 1980


Our last little look at Wonder Woman's adventures for now wraps up a long-standing storyline about The Cartel, a mysterious organization working to....do something. I've never really been quite sure about their motivations. Something vaguely sinister and world-dominating, I would imagine.

Diana and Buddy follow a lead to the south of France. The first page of the issue has Buddy rubbing tanning oil onto Diana's shoulders (who, being invulnerable, shouldn't really have to worry about a sunburn). I shudder to think what poor Ellen would think.

The story wraps pretty quickly, actually, which makes me think that this was writer Gerry Conway finishing off a story so that he could move the comic in a different direction. The finale of the story seems to sever Diana's contacts with the U.N. and the teaser on the letters page for the next issue notes that there will soon be a "major transition in the Amazon's life." Just what it is is a mystery for the ages.

We're going to follow Mr. Buddy Baker for a little while, starting tomorrow. I'll see how much of his early stuff I haven't already read, and then maybe we'll get into the Morrison run. But this week has definitely been awesome. I'm glad that I enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie, because it prompted me to read some of her comics, and keep my eyes open for more.

To be continued.

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