Jun 6, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 832: Wonder Woman #219, August-September 1975


The last of my "Trials of Wonder Woman" issues, and another clumsy, but well-intentioned, look at Feminism. Various feminist women are vanishing from Earth, sometimes from plain view, while other women are exhibiting strange reactions to being saved from perilous situations. In her role as member of the U.N. Crisis Bureau, Diana is asked to keep an eye on a number of famous American Feminists who are due to speak at the World Conference of Feminist Women - a job her boss describes as "a pretty hefty job for just a woman." Diana's response, thought but not spoken, is a little tamer than it might really need to be, but the fact that we're seeing an ironic depiction of her boss here speaks to the way that writer Martin Pasko presents his understanding of the concerns of Feminism.

It's really great to see that Diana has been attached to this ideology for such a long time. It's pretty much common knowledge that her earliest appearances were articulating Feminism quite forcefully at a time when it was certainly not a popular way of thinking, so to see that thread be one of the common ones through her history makes the recent film seem like something of a realization of everything she's stood for all along.

Perhaps I'm being a bit over-celebratory, but we have to take the victories where we can get them, right?

To be continued.

(This post seems a bit scattered to me. I've very tired today.)

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