Jun 2, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 828: Incredible Hulk #238, August 1979


An epilogue issue today - very little action, aside from the Hulk destroying a Saskatchewan farmer's truck and scaring the crap out of his daughter. Oh, yeah, the Hulk somehow landed in Canada after Machine Man's anti-gravity ride, the circumstances of which are apparently depicted in the 1979 annual. I most certainly do not have it, but I am curious as to how the Hulk made it all the way from the West Coast to the middle of Canada. Machine Man's anti-gravity ride must have been pretty impressive.

The epilogue comic is always a nice touch, though I imagine sometimes that they work better when read as part of a run on comics, as I've done this week, rather than on a monthly basis. Waiting a whole month to see the Hulk smash a car and fall asleep on top of Mount Rushmore must have been a bit of a let down for some. There's a bit of set up for the next story line, but not much else really happens. There's a depiction of then-President Jimmy Carter, though my unfamiliarity with his in real life keeps me from being able to tell if it's a flattering one or not.

What I will say about this comic, especially as tomorrow's jumps a number of issues, is that it cements for me the fact that Roger Stern is one of the best writers to have come out of late 70s, early 80s Marvel. His Avengers run still ranks as one of my favourites, and if he can make me enjoy a Hulk comic, then he must have magic fingers. He only wrote 25 issues of the series, so maybe they'd be worth tracking down somehow. We'll see.

One last little bit of Hulk tomorrow, then maybe we'll head on over to the DCU for a bit. Got some Green Lantern and old school Justice League staring at me from the collection, begging to be read.

To be continued.

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